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Changeville: A website to help younger kids whose parents are going through separation or divorce

Families ChangeAn online Guide to Separation and Divorce for teenagers and younger children. 

Family Law in BC:  A website about the legal process, including guides to separation and divorce and where to get legal help.

Family Break-up


Dealing with Your Parents’ Separation or Divorce

Separation is difficult for families. Their lives are changing. Often, when parents are separating, they are upset and angry. They may argue and say a lot of angry and hurtful things to each other. Their children also feel upset.

If your parents are getting separated or divorced, you may be feeling a lot of different emotions. You might be feeling angry, sad, shocked or embarrassed. It is important for you to remember that the separation is NOT your fault and that your parents love you no matter what. To help you get through this difficult time, two online guides were created just for children: A Kids’ Guide to Separation and Divorce and the Teen Guide to Separation and Divorce. Younger children can also explore Changeville to get help to cope with their feelings about the family break up.