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Safety at Work

Your employer is responsible for ensuring your health and safety on the job. 

As a worker, you have a legal right to:

  • On-the-job training on safe work practices, risk reduction and emergency procedures – and extra training if you ask for it
  • Supervision to make sure you work without unnecessary risk
  • Employer-provided safety equipment required for your job (but you’re responsible for your own footwear and headgear)
  • Say “no” to work you think is unsafe – without being fired or disciplined for doing so

You also have the responsibility to:

  • Follow health and safety requirements
  • Ask questions if you don’t know how to do something safely
  • Report safety concerns and any injuries to your supervisor
  • Take the initiative to improve safety where you can

Watch this WorkSafeBC video to learn more about your workplace rights and responsibilities.

If you think that you’re not properly protected against exposure to a hazard, Worksafe BC says you can stop work immediately and discuss your concern with your supervisor. You have the right to refuse unsafe work and cannot be fired for that. 

If you think something might be unsafe but are not sure, discuss it with your supervisor. If you feel uncomfortable talking to your supervisor about it, talk to your parents or other adults.

You can always call WorksafeBC with questions or concerns about safety on the job. The Worksafe website also has a lot of information about worker safety, especially for young workers.

Last reviewed date: 2021/ Apr