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Rights & Responsibilities


Charter of Rights and Freedoms

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (also called “The Charter”) guarantees the rights and freedoms of all Canadians and residents of Canada. The Charter is part of the Canadian Constitution.

Some of Canada’s important legal rights are:

  • The right to be thought of as innocent until proven guilty
  • The right to have a fair trial in court
  • The right not to suffer cruel or unusual punishment

All Canadians have some important freedoms. You can:

  • Speak freely
  • Believe in any religion or no religion
  • Meet with or join any group, except violent groups such as a terrorist organization
  • Live and work anywhere in Canada
  • Participate in peaceful political activities

All people in Canada are equal in law. Discrimination is against the law. To discriminate against someone means to treat him or her differently from other people in a way that is unfair. The law says that no one can discriminate against you because of your:

  • race
  • national or ethnic origin
  • colour
  • religion
  • sex
  • age
  • mental or physical disability

To read all of the rights and freedoms guaranteed under the Charter, visit the Department of Justice website.

Last reviewed date: 2021/ Apr